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The reverse mortgage is a complicated financial process, however, if all is taken care of properly it usually goes fairly smoothly.

Our loan was just the opposite.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.  At first it seemed like an impossible situation.  We doubted if we could ever get the loan.  However, Jack took every problem as it arrived and solved it; some of these problems were not easy.

If it were not for the expertise and solid commitment along with determined persistence by Jack, this loan would not have gone through.

Jack saw the problems and handled them with a high level of professionalism.  It is cannot be done by anyone else, call Jack; he can get it done.   Lisle & Donna Hicks, Loon Lake WA   11/2/15


I would sincerely like to thank Jack Tenold & his staff for their efforts in helping me acquire a reverse mortgage.  Without it I would have been unable to remain in my home.  I will continue to recommend Jack to my friends & family. Barbara Moore, Spokane WA  10/23/15

Excellent job! This loan process went by very quick!  Catherine was amazing and put up with me contacting her every day.  I always knew what was going on.  Jack even managed to get my rate lower twice.  I would recommend you guys to EVERYONE!!! Whitney Perez, Spokane WA  8/18/15

First of all Jack Tenold is more than an agent.  He is a friend to his clients!  We are very pleased with the service we received from ‘First Priority’.  Having a Reverse Mortgage has made it possible to have home repairs done, and very important to us, we are able to give our church more financial support.  We are able to enjoy many things that we enjoy, which would not be possible without our Reverse Mortgage.  Dick & Barbara Guthrie, Spokane WA  8/5/15

We were on a roller coaster ride deciding if a reverse mortgage was right for us.  We knew little about it.  Our roller coater ride continued up until the closing.  Now it is done and we are pleased.  We want to thankyou for your excellent work explaining the whole program with your prompt responses.  You have put us at ease.  Thank you again.  Bill & Ingrid Anderson, Spokane WA 5/15

I am very satisfied with the services of First Priority.  Jack Tenold was very helpful and informative.  He helped me save my home.  Thank you so very much.  Dawn Powell, Edwall WA 5/11/15

Your service is excellent.   Total trust was part of my decision to follow through with this transaction.  Rolf Schmidt, Spokane WA 4/9/15

Completely satisfied.   Jack laid out everything for us.  The office handled any of the little problems that came up.  Definitely would recommend Jack & Tana to anyone.  Gary & Elaine Hicks, Spokane WA 1/13/15

You provided exceptional service.  Though not required, you personally helped my elder aunt through the application process and finalization at her home.  I would  highly recommend Jack’s services, particularly to someone with an elderly relative.  Richard Collingham, Pasco WA 12/1/14

You did an excellent job.  Everything went smoothly.  You kept in contact and telling us how things were going.  I’m very happy.  Audrey & Rob Hoyt, Auburn WA  11/15/14

Jack steered us through what to us was a complicated and unfamiliar process.  He was willing to go the extra mile every step of the way.  Jim & Jeannie Schroeder, Spokane WA  10/3/14

Excellent job.  Very efficient & timely.  Always responded immediately.  Lloyd Herman, Liberty Lake WA  10/6/14

You have the best of all systems in place for a step-by-step program to attain a reverse mortgage.  It was quick, painless and completed in less than a month.  Sally Neumann, Spokane WA  9/16/14

Great job – was very clear.  Follow-up excellent.  John Close, Spokane WA  9/17/14

Excellent Service.  Jack went above and beyond for me and made the entire process easy and positive.  Can’t thank you enough and truly welcome that “family” feeling!  Thanks for the stamper – love it!   Barbara Erickson, Cheney WA 9/8/14

We were thankful we found your name and company online.   You were great to work with and always took our calls right away or returned them promptly with the answers we needed.  

Our favorite was that you were always so cheerful, you made the process fun and stressless.

We would highly recommend you to anyone in the future and have told many about the process with you.  Lloyd & Diana Brooks,  Powell Butte OR  7/28/14

Thanks -your team was great.  You saved me money and time.  Everything went well.  I definitely will be back.  Thanks. Leonard Higgins, Airway Heights WA  7/27/13

After considerable investigation we decided a reverse mortgage was going to be the only way we could remain in our home.  A daunting and complicated loan application was ahead.  Looking at our options, First Priority Financial was to be our only resource.  Jack – you made this endeavor successful by your vast knowledge and experience with this program.  It would have been difficult, or worse, in our case, without your advice & assistance.  A thank you cannot express our gratitude to you and your wife.  With deep appreciation, your friends – Paul & Gerry Stokes, Spokane WA  7/17/13

Jack, you were wonderful to work with.  I believe you to be a very honest person who I was delighted to work with.  Thank you so very much.  Tana was wonderful also!  June Harder, Spokane WA 7-15-13

Excellent!  I was very satisfied.  I sincerely appreciated the guidance and advice and your ability to explain the process “in English”.  Thanks again.  Will definitely refer in future.  Ann Abrahamson, Renton WA  5/27/13

Excellent.  We will recommend whenever we can.  Earl Winther, Spokane WA 4-17-13

Thanks for your help with our project We think you went above and beyond in assisting us.  I don’t think there was anymore you could have done.  Thank you – your assistance was A+++.  David Bowler, Spokane WA  4-11-13

Your service was great & so easy to have family included – explanations were thoroughly and thoughtfully answered.  We would always recommend Jack & Tana to anyone interested in RM.  No questions went unanswered & we felt very comfortable in our decision.  Peggy Shelton, Spokane WA 4-10-13

In spite of the many obstacles in Jack’s way in bringing my mom’s reverse mortgage to a close (on her condo), Jack stuck with it and got it done.  We would use Jack and his team again if the need arose.  Paul Clary, Spokane WA  7-3-12

Thanks – your team was great.  You saved me money and time.  Everything went well.  I definitely will be back.  Thanks. Leonard Higgins, Airway Heights WA  7-27-13

I was very pleased with Jack & my experience.  He was very informative and made the process very smooth. He put me at ease with the whole process.  R Coffman, Spokane WA 7-30-12

Thank you for your excellent services! You and your staff are a pleasure. Chris & Holly Galow, Spokane WA 1-20-10

We looked into several mortgages before selecting Jack.  Jack did spend a lot time with us.  He made sure we understood the whole process.  Then spent more time with making sure we understood the process again as we signed all the papers.  We left his office feeling very satisfied that we made the right choice by using his service.  Joyce Wilkinson, Deer Park WA  1-28-10

True professionals, Christy & Jack.  A pleasure to work with.  Rob Welk, Spokane WA 2-26-10

It is a genuine pleasure to express our appreciation for the services of Jack and Tana Tenold.  Their service commitment to our understanding and satisfaction of the Reverse Mortgage process was a rare experience of personal empowerment in today’s world of finance, banking and home mortgages.  It is unusual to meet folks who are able and willing to combine their knowledge and sensitivity toward a helpful plan in the redesign of our future.

We were never made to feel ourselves as “clients” or “customers,” but as senior partners  in the design of  our own financial well-being.  The Tenolds were attentive to every detail along the way with a personal touch of warmth, humor, and first class consideration; no decisions were made without our full understanding of procedures, options and likely outcomes.

The old saying “Trust the Process,” is easily followed in the capable hands of Jack Tenold.  Ed & Patti Bates, Spokane WA  12-28-10

Jack couldn’t have gotten me a better deal The staff was very professional, friendly and helpful.  Refinancing was a snap. Jane Giardino, Spokane WA   9-23-2002